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Proadec offers a complete range of surface finishes matching those of the boards in the market.
PROAIR Hot-air Technology

ProAir, the ABS edging specifically developed for application in hot-air units is ready for the market.

ProAir allows the perfect transition from edging to panel with clear advantages in terms of technical and visual results: optical zero-joint finish and greater adhesion to the panel.

ProAir is an ABS edging with a special functional layer on the reverse of the edging. 
This layer consists of a special polymer that can only be activated using the hot-air technology. 
Because no hot-melt adhesive is used, it does not occur staining / discolouring of the joint. 
It enhances the adhesive properties and the overall resistance to eat, water, moisture and dirt while giving a very good optical zero-joint finish.

ProAir allows a perfect transition from edging to panel with clear advantages in terms of technical and optical results: 
.optical zero-joint finish
.greater adhesion to the panel
.no gap between edgebanding and panel
.greater water and moisture resistance
.better heat resistance
.less sensitive to dirt

product specifications:
.Available in every unicolours, fantasies and woodgrains
.Widths from 16 mm - 60 mm
.Thicknesses from 1mm – 2 mm
.Surface finishes: all ABS finishes available 
.Available in lacquered finishes (matt and high gloss)
.Colours of the functional hot-air melt layer: white, black, brown and transparent
.Suitable for hot-air processing only

Note: From the same order, it is possible to get material with ProAir formulation for processing in hot-air units and material with standard primer for processing with conventional hot-melt.

Download the ProAir TDS and product information booklet in the Download area in this web site.



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