ProMatt - Ultra Matt Edgings
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Proadec offers a complete range of surface finishes matching those of the boards in the market.

The origins of Probos Group go back to Proadec – Produtos Adesivos e Decorativos Lda., established in 1977. Since then, it has been dedicated to the extrusion and calendaring of profiles and foils to be used as edgebandings in the furniture industry. 

The following year, the Company started a joint cooperation and management with Isar-Rakoll Chemie Portuguese, an adhesives producer, also supplier for the furniture industry. This association helped promoting the expansion to the manufacture of aqueous resins for glues and decorative paints. 

Quality products allied to a competitive attitude originated a fast growing and attractive gains, and in 1987 the company launched a Public Offer of Sale, with consequent quotation at the Lisbon Stock Exchange. In 1990, it acquired 100% of Isar-Rakoll capital, separating the previous two businesses. Established the Proadec-Materiais de Revestimento SA, responsible for the edging business and the Proadec-Produtos Químicos, responsible for the aqueous base resins business, and changed its object to a Holding Company of social sharings, ProHolding SGPS.

Later, in June 1997, the five Group managers formed a company named Probos – Químicos e Plásticos SA, which promoted a MBO followed by a public offer of acquisition over the rest of the capital spread on the stock Exchange. The success of the operation allowed the afterwards control of 100% of the capital, with the consequent withdraw of ProHolding from the list of firms rated on the Lisbon Stock Exchange.

In December 1997, Probos incorporated through division/fusion the financial sharing on the companies Proadec-Materiais de Revestimento SA (dedicated to the production and sale of edgings for the furniture industry) and Proadec- Produtos Químicos, SA (dedicated to the manufacture of aqueous resins for the paint and glue industries) From that year on, Probos started to operate with two businesses – edgings for the furniture industry and aqueous base resins.

After a change in the company’s name, Probos – Resinas e Plásticos, S.A., Probos continued its activity until November 2003 with two divisions: Probos – Division Edgings Proadec (edgings for furniture industry) and Chemical Division (resins for the paint and glue industries). In 17th November 2003, Probos granted autonomy to the resins business, operating, from that date on, exclusively in the business of production and sale of thermoplastic edgings for the furniture industry. 

The brand Proadec has always been used on the edges business. In February 2008, the company changed its name to Probos - Plásticos, S.A.



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